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The best takeaways from CES 2018


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CES 2018 has come and gone, but much has been unveiled this year. Here are the best takeaways for you.


Sennheiser HD 820

A new flagship on the scene, the new headphones by Sennheiser promise buttery and gorgeous sound, encased in one of the most innovative designs existing in the headphone panorama. Buy them this summer for $2,400 (roughly £1750).

You'll need a dedicated headphone amp but Sennheiser knows that very well and has released the built-to-match $2,400 HDV 820 amp to go with their last masterpiece.


Lenovo Miix 630

Lenovo’s light and portable Miix 630 tablet looks like a Microsoft Surface on the outside—but inside packs much more juice with a new Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Lenovo’s Miix's features built-in 4G LTE technology and a 20-hour battery life as two big wins against the typical Intel-based systems.

For $800 (roughly £580), you can take home the device with an active stylus and a keyboard cover, making it a tempting deal for people looking for a portable Windows machine with a more-than-decent battery life.


Bell Helicopter Air Taxi

Not the only flying car presented at CEX 2018, but surely the most impressive. Bell Helicopter - currently known for military aircraft, like the V-22 Osprey - offered rides in a full-sized air-taxi cabin this year.

The experience was temporarily VR, since the team is still working on the electric propulsion to get these vehicles into the air —but it's a sign that companies are taking this field seriously, and are prepared to launch an actual flying taxi sooner rather than later.


Prevent Biometrics Head Impact Monitor

Nobody likes wearing Mouthguards, but they’re important in keeping kids safe while playing football, ice hockey, or any kind of potentially concussive sport.

The boil-and-bite fit model, with wireless syncing to the companion app, will be available starting this summer, allowing coaches and parents to monitor athletes in real time and quickly evaluate whether they’re able to return to the field of play after an accident.


HTC Vive Pro VR

The HTC Vive Pro is an enhanced, powered up version of the Vive. It has 78 percent more pixels (giving you much clearer details), integrated high-quality audio, upgraded comfort thanks to a sizing dial on the head strap, dual front-facing cameras, and dual microphones for noise isolation.

It is also able to create a much larger virtual room up to 10 x 10 meters.  And all of this is not even the best part. The Vive Pro also has a new peripheral that also makes it wireless, eliminating all those cords it’s unavoidable not to trip on when you’re immersed in other worlds. A serious move from HTC, which is reiterating what made the Vive so outstanding in the VR scene at its debut.

What do you think of these gadgets? Do you think any other should be included on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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