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Nigel Farage presents... BBC weather

27th January 2014

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When your members think that floods are caused by gay marriage, others talk of all women being ‘sluts’, and your party generally just spends its days making the headlines for all the wrong reasons, there’s only one thing to do... present a spoof weather report in the middle of the Daily Politics.

Well, if you’re Nigel Farage, that is.

In what we’re assuming is an attempt to be witty, but which just comes across as a bit cringeworthy and odd, UKIP’s leader begins by announcing that he will report “the weather for all areas of the British Isles, but definitely not Bongo Bongo Land.”  


He goes on to describe the gay-marriage-causes-floods debacle, which caused the suspension of party member David Silvester, as “a storm in a teacup,” before adding that “he’d said a deluge of similar things before, when he was a Tory councillor.”

Ok, THAT’S ok then.  

Here’s the ‘weather report’ in full...

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