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Teen drugs parents' milkshakes for more internet time


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A 15-year-old from California took drastic measures to bypass her 10pm internet curfew - by drugging her own parents.

Along with her 16-year-old friend, she offered to buy her parents milkshakes from a nearby fast food restaurant.

Her unfortunate mum and dad drank a quarter before deciding that they 'tasted funny' and were 'grainy' - after which they promptly fell asleep.

After waking up at 1am with headaches and finding that they still felt ill in the morning they took a drug test at their local police - which confirmed that they had been drugged.

The girls were later arrested on charges of 'wilfully mingling a pharmaceutical into food' and conspiracy. 

Extreme? Just a little bit. As child therapist Leslie Whitten Baughman told the Sacramento Bee, drugging your own parents "is not a healthy sign of rebellion." 

You don't say... 

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