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Chris Pine studied at Leeds University in the 00s and got hooked on late night pasties, yes really


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Chris Pine was an exchange student at the University of Leeds in 2001 and now they’re using his famous face to recruit new students.


Most British universities have been around for over one hundred years or far longer, meaning they’ve been home to thousands upon thousands of students. But have you ever stopped and wondered who else has sat in the same dusty lecture theatres as you or danced the night away at your SU?

Photo: Empty lecture theatre by pexels 

It turns out there’s a fair few celebs who probably have including American actor Chris Pine who surprisingly flew across for an exchange year at the University of Leeds in the early 00’s.  

Even though he was only a student from 2001 to 2002 Leeds haven’t forgotten about him, in fact University bosses have decided to use his famous face to lure prospective students in.


A flag bearing Chris’ face was spotted on campus last month by current Leeds student Holly Weaver. Alongside a red carpet photo of him, it lists Chris as a Leeds alumni "starring on the big screen" and details how he's "best known for his role as Captain James T. Kirk in the hit film Star Trek".


Speaking to The National Student, Holly said: “I’ve honestly always thought it was really cool that Chris Pine came to my uni, even though it was only for a year!

"Surprising too, because I would assume that most Americans would want to flock to London, and obviously we’re pretty far up north here.

“I don’t blame my uni for making the flag considering how he’s probably the most famous name on the alumni list.”

Photo of Parkinson Building at University of Leeds by Chemical Engineer CC BY 4.0 

According to the Yorkshire Post, Chris immersed himself in British uni culture, going to the SU bar for drinks after lectures, becoming acquainted with “rollies” and drinking Tetley’s bitter. He's basically an honoury Yorkshireman now.

Photo: Tetley's Bitter by Reedy CC SA 3.0 

He also developed a new found love for the humble pasty - which is hardly surprising given Leeds is overrun with dozens of bakery chains from national favourite Greggs to Yorkshire’s pride and joy Cooplands.


"I lived on late-night pasties. I still really don't understand bangers and mash for the life of me. But Tetley's bitter? Oh my God. I gained 10 pounds," Chris told the Yorkshire Post in 2009.

"I was studying English Literature at Berkeley, California. You guys take the gap year, we study abroad in our junior year. I decided to go to England and ended up at Leeds. I lived at 79 Brudenell Road and had a wonderful time. I loved it. I loved it.”

As well as Star Trek, Chris is also well known for his breakout role in The Princess Diaries 2 which he starred in two years after leaving Leeds.

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