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Dave Assman told surname too rude for personalised number plate


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A man who wanted his surname on a personalised number plate has been told it’s too rude for the road.

Dave Assman, who lives in Melville in Canada, applied to Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) about the possibility of having his name turned into a vanity plate.

“I’m not ashamed of it,” he told CBC. “There’s nothing bad about it.”

The name apparently has its roots in German and is pronounced Oss-man, but that explanation didn’t wash with the authorities.

Licence plates

SGI spokesperson Tyler McMurchy told CBC: “Even if a word is someone’s name and pronounced differently than the offensive version, that’s not something that would be apparent to other motorists who will see the plate.”

It’s not altogether surprising that Mr Assman saw his request rejected as SGI has proved itself to be serious about making sure road users are not offended by licence plates.

Past reports from and CBC have provided substantial lists of rejected vanity plate applications, including: REDRUM, T0ILET, STR0KE, BOOB, DRUGS, FARTS, HOOTER, POOP, POOOP, WEENER, WHANG and SEXBUS.

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