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15 powerful campaign slogans and the formula for coming up with your own


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Have you ever wondered what your slogan would be if you ran for political office? Well, have no fear, because a Twitter user has come up with with a rather clever way for you to find out.

The trick? Use your last name and the last text you sent – et voila.

Here are 15 of the best slogans people have come up with.

1. Nails are everything.

2. This is important.

3. Optimism is everything.

4. Too much information or what you needed to head to the polls?

5. Because we believe in the most important meal of the day.

6. An apology from the heart.

7. Message loud and clear – they’ve got this.

8. That’s one way to find the answers.

9. But lower we go.

10. The people want you to be relatable – so kudos.

11. Nipping controversy in the bud.

12. Don’t mean to be cheesy but…

13. Hard to get your head around but if it gets votes.

14. Niche but spectacular.

15. No answers only more questions – but get me into office.

These are the politicians we need right now.

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