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The Sorting Map: This map rearranges the world based on a country's personality


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No one can control where they are born, it's just one of those things. Some may feel like they slot perfectly into their environment - others not so much.

Based on data collected from people across the world, JWT’s Personality Atlas has reorganised the world based on humanity’s most defining feature: personality. This is the ‘sorting hat’ that will tell you where you should really live.

The Introspection Map is made up of eight new continents from Funlandia and Spiritania to Schemany and Techistan, sorting countries into continents based on predominant personality traits formulated from how participants view themselves.

JWT: Introspection Map


Russia, South Africa, Argentina, and Czech Republic

Predominant personality traits in Schemany include stubbornness and scheming but also positive traits such as humour, fun, and a tendency to be welcoming.  Russia tends to accentuate its heroic traits such as intelligence whereas Argentina admits to being assumptive.


Italy, France, and the UK

Culturis is a hub of – you got it – culture.  Predominant traits include a focus on family, cultured, well-humoured, and content.  It may not be a surprise to hear that the average person in the UK believes themselves to be very polite and respectful, a contrast to the dominant perception of the UK by other countries as, simply put, smug.


China and South Korea

Family-focused and respectful are the traits that bring China and South Korea together in the Introspection Map, besides Religious Reef.  Whereas South Korea boasts itself as tech-savvy, China instead defines itself as welcoming and consensus builders.


Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, and Thailand

Religion is the primary concern of countries in Spiritania, though they also tend to demonstrate qualities including a focus on family, respect, and content.



It may be no surprise that the USA, home to the American Dream, is ascribed its own continent, Techistan, surrounded by seas such as the Trench of Innovation, Modern Penninsula, and Leader Straits.


Brazil, Spain, Colombia, and Mexico

The continent of fun groups countries where occupants value fun, humor, and passion above other qualities.  Though Brazil admits to being a bit decadent, Colombia and Mexico like to think they are welcoming and polite.


Canada and Australia

Adjacent to Zen Sea, Canada and Australia are united in their efforts to form a balance between work and play.  Balancia is welcoming and democratic ‘with a dash of fun’.  


Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Germany, and Finland

Hard-working, disciplined, and tech-savvy, the countries sorted into Uniformany share traits which contribute to their work-ethic and consistency.

Who else wants to sign a petition for the world to be rearranged according to personality?

Lead image courtesy of JWT

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