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People have just discovered strawberry on pizza and they are not impressed


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Pineapple on pizza enthusiasts and those who hate the idea of fruit on pizza have finally found common ground.

For some, a pizza is not complete until chunks of pineapple rest on every slice – while for others, fruit on pizza renders it inedible.

It looked like there was no way a bond could be forged between the two sides, until an even greater enemy reared its strawberry-covered head.

Twitter user @MoonEmoji posted a picture of what looks like a regular pizza, until closer inspection reveals that’s not pepperoni – it’s strawberry.

Considering how divisive pineapple pizza has proven as a subject, this had the opportunity to get messy. And it soon did.

The majority of people, it seemed like, were not fans.

And some were outright offended.

Although at least one person did spot an opportunity to take the fruit love a step further.

There are plenty of recipes out there that include strawberries on pizza, so this is definitely not new.

But now that it’s been embedded into the public consciousness, this likely won’t be the last we hear about strawberry pizza.

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