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Girl gets revenge on date who arranged to meet five other girls on the same night


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When Lisette Pylant turned up for her date in Washington D.C. bar, she didn’t expect that the guy she was meeting had five more girls lined up to meet after her.

Credit: Twitter @LisettePylant

That was, however, the case, as Lisette’s date had seemingly organised a self-speed dating service for himself, with girls arriving to meet him every 40 minutes.

Lisette, not too impressed with the bloke’s tactic, decided to get a bit of revenge with her live tweets of the night going viral.

She started off by explaining how she’s ended up there.

After a rather dull 45 minutes, date number two showed up and Lisette was immediately friendzoned.

The girls then decided to team up, when suddenly date number three appeared...

After getting the bouncer and both bartenders in on the fun, the girls decided to make the most of their situation by taking the guy “for all he’s worth”.

Fair to say the guy’s excuse wasn't quite cutting it.

The girls decided to go off to another bar leaving the hapless guy with the bill.

It all appeared to be over, but then...

As if he hadn’t scheduled enough, Lisette and the other two were able to intercept girl number five.

After snatching number five away before her date, the girls were able to make contact with number four and get her in on the fun.

Girl number five went over for her date after being prepped by the others but it appeared that the guy had copped on.

After an altercation with the bloke, including the guy explaining how he was “a project manager” and manages his time efficiently, he finally left and the girls went back over to the other bar.

Lisette seemed quite satisfied with her nights work.

But just as the girls were settling in for the night...

Lisette and her party of stolen dates seemed to have a good night together and all left as friends.

Long story short, don’t double-book your dates, especially not in the same bar.

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