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A couple who messaged on Tinder for three years finally met and it was beautiful


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Two people whose delayed exchange of messages on Tinder went viral have finally met – three years after the first message was sent.

Josh Avsec, 22, and Michele Arendas, 21, began talking way back in September 2014, when the pair matched on Tinder. Josh sent Michelle a message which she took two months to reply to, giving a funny excuse that her phone had run out of battery.

Cue a series of tweets with more and more ridiculous excuses over three years and you’ve got the screenshot Josh posted to Twitter in early July. It duly went viral, setting off a chain of events which would make this month unforgettable for the two of them.

Good Morning America then decided it wanted to play its part in encouraging the love birds and invited Josh and Michelle on the show to finally meet.

After building the tension with a series of tweets and a cringeworthy interview with each of them, the pair were revealed to each other by walking round a Blind Date-esque wall.

As the pair awkwardly embraced, Josh can be heard to say: “It’s so good to finally meet you.”

The pair were also offered a free holiday to Maui, Hawaii, by Tinder after the company saw the pair’s amusing exchange on Twitter. Let’s hope love blossoms on their trip – it has started well, if the reveal was anything to go by.

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