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A highly important study has found out how many people understand Love Island lingo


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YouGov Omnibus has uncovered how many Brits actually understand Love Island lingo, and it turns out that most people are pretty perplexed by the use of phrases like ‘muggy’ and ‘pied’.  

Who knew a reality tv show could be so confusing?

Here’s what Yougov's Ellie Ratcliffe found when the British public was tested on their knowledge of Islanders most used sayings and phrases: 

My type on paper - 30% understand it

30% of the public know that the phrase refers to someone whose personality or appearance is exactly the ‘type’ of person they'd usually fancy.

Dictionary definition: in theory rather than in reality.

Love Island definition: someone you fancy.

Example: “You are 100% my type on paper, so I just think it'd be good for us to get to know each other a bit better.”

Who is associated with it most in the villa: Amber. This was her most used saying for the first 5 weeks as she eyed up every new hunk to enter the villa before declaring that on paper they were her type - how romantic.

Melt - 14% understand it

Only 14% came close to getting this one right, with 10% believing it means an idiot or a wimp, and 4% thinking it has something to do with fancying somebody.

Dictionary definition: to become liquefied by warmth or heat, the process of turning something from a solid state into a liquid.

Love Island definition: 1. An insult describing a person who has fallen for someone and gone soft. Example: “I can’t believe how much I fancy him, I’m acting like such a melt.” 2. A wimp, a loser. Example: “Jonny is literally a tuna melt.”

Who is associated with it most in the villa: Jonny. Everyone’s been described as a melt at some point but Jonny definitely takes the crown for being the meltiest geezer for his stroppy behaviour and treatment of love interests Tyla and Camilla. 

Grafting - 9% understand it

A huge 52% were able to define ‘grafting’ as meaning working hard, however, the Love Island definition is specifically about putting in work to impress or flirt with someone, and only 9% identified this definition.

Dictionary definition: Botany. To insert (a graft) into a tree or other plant; insert a scion of (one plant) into another plant. Surgery. To transplant (a portion of living tissue, as of skin or bone) as a graft.

Love Island definition: To put a lot of time and effort into getting to know or flirting with a person.

Example: “Theo’s really going to have to graft with Tyla after what he said last night.

Who is associated with it most in the villa: Everyone. Yes, there's been a lot of romantic grafting but let's be honest a lot of grafting is also going into getting the £50k prize fund.

Muggy - 5% understand it

Only 5% correctly defined this term as someone who’s being two-faced or just a bit of a bad egg, while 22% said ‘muggy’ referred to cloudy and humid weather.

Dictionary definition: (of the atmosphere, weather, etc.) oppressively humid; damp and close.

Love Island definition: Someone who’s playing you, or taking you for a fool, i.e. a mug.

Example: “Muggy Mike just stole the girl I’m seeing”

Who is associated with it most in the villa: Mike aka Muggy Mike. 

Pied - 12% understand it

Only 12% got this one right, while 70% were clueless. 

Dictionary definition: a baked food having a filling of fruit, meat, pudding, etc., prepared in a pastry-lined pan or dish and often topped with a pastry crust.

Love Island definition: in the villa, being ‘pied’ means being unceremoniously dumped, often in favour of somebody else.

Example: “Olivia pied off Sam as soon as Chris entered the villa - ouch.”

Who is associated with it most in the villa: Jonny and Camilla. Poor Camilla got pied by Jonny so he could be with Tyla but then he ended up getting pied himself by Tyla when Theo walked in and stirred up trouble.

The ick - 3% understand it

Only 3% of people could correctly define this, while 83% had no clue what it might mean. 

Dictionary definition: none

Love Island definition: a feeling of discomfort you get with a romantic partner you are no longer attracted to.

Example: “Things were going really well with Sam, but now I've caught the ick, I just don't think I can kiss him.”

Who is associated with it most in the villa: Olivia. She brought the phrase to the villa and used it to describe how she couldn’t see a future with Sam because she’d caught the ick.

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