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Love Island's fake baby Cash Hughes has his own Twitter account and it's gone viral


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The internet is going crazy for a twitter account which is hilariously parodying a fake baby from Love Island. 

On last night's episode of Love Island the islanders were given babies to look after.

Not real babies because that would have been a social services nightmare waiting to happen, but dolls that behaved like real life babies. 

Like all good parents, the couples named their new borns. Olivia and Chris opted to call their baby boy Cash, presumedly because they've got money on their minds.

During the show a Twitter account for lil' baby Cash - full name Cash Hughes aka CASHEW - popped up and it is hilarious. 

Quality father-son time is very important, even between a polar bear and a cashew.

Get the whole family on The Jeremy Kyle Show pronto.

I think someone should call Child Line.

One's a national treasure the other a national nightmare, hard choice.

Interesting behind the scenes insight.

The account, which has 36,000 followers at the time of writing, has been cracking up fans of the hit ITV2 show. 

Twitter user  wrote "I'm actually dying this is the funniest thing I've ever seen" while @timikiawisher said "Honestly this account has me in stitches."

It's not known who is behind the account, but whoever it is has followed every current islander along with grime star Stormzy.

I have a feeling this might have something to do with Stormzy; he's not only a massive Love Island fan but has also tweeted positively about Chris - but with millions of viewers it could literally be anyone. 

People have been trying to find out who the mystery person behind the account is but to no avail. Even ITV2 have asked the person behind @hughes_cash to 'own up' and reveal their identity.

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