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Boris Johnson doppelganger delivers anti-Brexit message in bizarre London protest


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A humorous Boris Johnson doppelganger delivered a thoughtful anti-Brexit message in a bizarre protest on Villiers Street, London, last night.

No 10 Vigil

Accompanied by a hand puppet resembling Theresa May, several European flags and fabricated lyrics to some familiar songs, the bold character provided passers-by with light, political entertainment.

One protestor said: "We are an anti-Brexit group, we call ourselves the No 10 Vigil. We have been going since February and we are usually on Whitehall."

The Bo’Jo lookey-likey sang altered lyrics to a Miley Cyrus tune referencing ex-prime minister David Cameron, including: “I came in like a balling wreck.

“Then Theresa made me Foreign Secretary, I wanted us to break Dave’s balls.”

No 10 Vigil 3

These supporters on the pro-European Union picket line said their aim is to get their message across to the Conservative party.

Believing they will be “the flea in May’s ear, the thorn in her side”, the anti-Brexiters lobby the prime minister on Downing Street three times a week. They changed locations yesterday to outside the popular Victoria Embankment Gardens - between Charing Cross and Embankment Station.

The protestors believe the UK is better in the EU and leaving will be catastrophic. They are demanding a second referendum based on the exit terms.

They also handed out leaflets and stickers branded “Bollocks To Brexit. It’s not a done deal” to the crowds gathered around them.

No 10 Vigil 2

Other lyrics from the Boris Johnson wannabe included the question of what the word ‘Brexit’ even means; he said: “I never meant to start a war, I just wanted me to be prime minister, should have let Remainers win…

"Don’t you ever say, I just walked away, I will always want E.U”.

At one point he also shouted in a familiar voice that we didn’t check it before we Brexit.

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