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Petition calls for Channel 5 to axe Big Brother


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A man has set up a campaign on petitioning Ofcom and Channel 5 to axe Big Brother.

The popular reality show has been on our screens since 2000 but viewer Gary Lack-Jones believes it’s time it came to an end.

“Year upon year there are scenes of violence, past episodes of racial harassment, unacceptable behaviour and this is condoned by tv producers all in effort to gain viewing figures [sic]”,

“I am calling for ofcom to immediately ban this from tv and prevent any further series from being produced [sic],” he wrote.

At the time of writing, the petition has gained 522 signatures, Lack-Jones hopes to receive at least 1,000.

Giving his reasons for backing the campaign, Paul O'Callaghan wrote:

“What started off as an interesting psychological experiment has descended in to a cheap and tawdry freakshow.”

While another disgruntled viewer called the show “an exploitative, demeaning, pile of poo that shouldn't be on screen.”

Big Brother originally aired on Channel 4 from 2000, however, after it was cancelled in 2010 Channel 5 acquired the rights. Every year there are two celebrity versions and one civilian version.

In the current non-celeb version, security had to break up a huge fight after Lotan Carter threw a bottle at his fellow housemate. The contestant has since been removed from the house.

It’s this particular fiery confrontation which appears to have pushed Lack-Jones to create his petition, as he says the show is becoming increasing more violent.

Channel 5 have refused to comment on calls to axe the show, which is contracted to run until at least 2018.

Past Big Brother controversies include Emily Parr using the 'n-word' to refer to Charley Ulchea in 2007, racist bullying of Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty, and Christopher Biggins making offensive comments about AIDS. 

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