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There’s an election porn parody called Hard Brexxxit


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What has this election been lacking?

Hard BrexxxitWe guess watching Theresa May get it on with Donald Trump is not your first answer?

Regardless, there is the porn parody of our political times that no one wanted in form of ‘Hard Brexxxit’.

Television X is airing the not-quite, but close enough to reality to give you nightmares porno romp that sees Prime Minister & Leader of The Whorey Party, Teaser Maynot, as she travels stateside to meet Tronald Dump.

This thing is littered with bad-puns! There’s the U.K. leader of The Laymore Party Jizza Cwoarbyn, who struggles to get his ‘polls up’, and German leader Angular Merkin, plus Russian Gladimhere Putitin – you get the picture.

Basically they all do it – a lot!

It stars British porn parody veteran Rebecca More as Teaser Maynot, who previously starred as Aggie Snatcher in Television X’s The Iron Lady Garden & Mary Cherry from The Great British Bonk Off – classy stuff.

If for any reason the idea of our political establishment fondling each other excites you Hard Brexxxit premieres Saturday 01/07/17 and the following four Saturdays at 10pm on Television X - Sky 903, Freeview 171, Virgin 978. Available online at

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