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Tewkesbury council dismisses 'town cat' and announces moggie is banned from offices


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Tewkesbury Town Council in Gloucestershire has banned a cat from it's offices because of health and safety fears. 

Not the actual Missy - photo for illustration only

A cat (not Missy)

Missy lives next door and had become such a frequent vistor to the town council offices staff listed her on their official website as 'Moral Officer & Town Cat'. 

However, following a complaint from an asthmatic councillor, a panel was set up to decide the moggie's fate - and this month they announced that Missy was officially banned from the premises. 

Mayor Peggy Clatworthy said: "It’s not ours and we don’t know what injections it has had. 

"But the main reason for this decision is because we had an official complaint from one of the councillors who had an allergy to cats.

"We don’t know who else, with an allergy, might come in."

In April previous mayor Karen Brennan spoke to Radio 4, when discussions were still taking place. She was leading the campaign against the moggie and cited other reasons a ban should be implemented: 

"An office is somewhere for business to be transacted," she told Today's Nick Robinson, "and we don't need a cat around - there are issues of health and safety, insurance, security."

Gloucestershire Live reports that many councillors want Missy to stay because she boosts their morale, with some also questioning why the popular cat is being banned when former town clerks, and even a former mayor, were allowed to bring dogs to the offices. 

Tewkesbury councillors who believe Missy boosts their morale could be right, as a  survey by Cats Protection found that cats can have a postive impact on your mental health, while other studies have shown that a cat's purring can help to relieve stress and lower blood pressure. 

Speaking to WebMD, Dr Rebecca Johnson said: “Purring is an auditory stimulus that people attribute to peacefulness and calmness."

Despite being evicted from the premises, Missy has not been stripped of her title as Tewkesbury's Town Cat. 


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