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This seal clutching a seal cuddly toy is the purest thing you'll ever see


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What do you think of when you think of pure, unadulterated bliss? Having a bubble bath whilst sipping champagne? Swimming with dolphins? Perhaps lounging on a pristine beach somewhere?

All very well and good, but it just doesn’t match up to the sheer level of love and joy that this seal has with his stuffed toy.

As if this image could get even more perfect, the toy is obviously a miniature version of the seal itself. Some may say it’s a touch narcissistic, whereas we think it’s just the seal recognising that he’s totally adorable.

Nothing will be as pure or tender as the seal clutching the cuddly toy to his breast, and the delight on his face when he gives it a piggyback. Excuse us while we save these photos as our phone background immediately.

Here is the power couple in action.

In a world where even Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom can’t make it work, this seal and his toy is a shining beacon of hope.

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