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This video starts with a bagel on someone's head and ends with police demanding to know who's responsible


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#BagelGate might just be the greatest mystery of our time.

It’s mighty difficult to figure out what’s actually going on in this video that was uploaded to Twitter and has gone hugely viral.

The video, as all the best do, starts off with a bagel on someone’s head – and ends with police demanding to know who was involved.

That might be the greatest final scene to a Twitter video ever, with everyone on the previously raucous train out of London suddenly in cahoots with each other to make sure no one actually gets in trouble, for what looked like a very bizarre argument. Solidarity.

From what we can tell and the uploader has said on social media, there were a few different incidents going on all at the same time. And for what it’s worth, he looks just as confused in the video as we felt after watching it.

But, as a round-up, there was a confrontation between a few women, a mini-scuffle, and then suddenly bagels being thrown out of windows, before what will undoubtedly be getting sung at pubs around the country over the weekend was belted out…

“He’s got a bagel, on his head! He’s got a baaaagel, on his head! He’s got a baaagel, on his head, he’s got a bagel on his head!”.

By the time the police came, after a fight broke out on the platform, everyone was silent.

But hey, at least now the rest of the world can get a proper idea of what British trains are like – ridiculous.

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