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10 of the most ridiculous tweets about the #CourgetteCrisis


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#CourgetteCrisis is trending on Twitter. Yes – it’s a CRISIS; a genuine world-changing crisis, this.

What on earth are we all meant to do with our spiralizers now? How can we keep our January diets in check if there’s no courgetti? Just HOW can we be expected to keep our shit together with NO SODDING COURGETTES?! Not even in WAITROSE.

... Yeah. Potentially a bit of an overreaction, but as is to be expected Twitter has turned into a melting pot of over-emotional blabbering between middle-class Brits waking up to this horrifying realisation.

Although the hashtag is potentially a ploy to distract from the fact Donald Trump is being sworn in as POTUS tomorrow (yes, tomorrow that is actually happening), it’s certainly caused a hysterical reaction within the Twittersphere:

Of course, some people were a little less bothered:

So long as kale is safe, hopefully we’ll make it through this difficult time...

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