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16 things that shouldn't have been a thing in 2016


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Never before has there been a year quite like this where just by referencing “2016″, it’s mutually accepted as a totally legitimate explanation for something ridiculous happening.

But there are some things this year really could have done without.

Putting to one side all the tragic celebrity deaths and terrifying political unrest, there’s also been lots of weird, silly and downright irritating stuff that people have absolutely crazy for.

These are definitely some of the worst so sit back and get ready for some serious head shaking.

1. The Mannequin Challenge

*Weeps at remembering a time pre-President-elect Trump*.

2. Boaty McBoatface

The ‘something McSomething-face’ trend shows no sign of going anywhere.

3. Ken Bone

He was a memorable guest at one of the US election debates with his red jumper, moustache and disposable camera conbo – but then some social media stalking revealed he wasn’t that much of a hero so it all got a bit awks.

4. Twitter accounts for cats

It’s unknown whether Julian Assange actually runs this account. Either way, writing from the cat’s perspective is pretty cringe.

5. Pokemon go

It came then it went. It shouldn’t have bothered.

6. Meme-inspired clothing

It’s okay when it’s on the internet. It’s not okay when it enters the real world.

7. “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative”

The real takeaway line from the KimYe/Taylor Swift beef that has since been used numerous times in numerous annoying circumstances.

8. Drummond puddle watch

drummond puddle watch live stream (PA)

Tens of thousands of people watched a live stream of a puddle in Newcastle. Then people started to do stupid stuff by the puddle. And it was all just very stupid.

9. Rainbow bagels

A perfectly good food product soaked in colouring and desperation for more Instagram likes. Sad.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo’s moth

A moth landed on Ronaldo’s face during the Euros so naturally 15 Twitter accounts were created. 15. For a moth.

11. Honey G

Honey G at a press event (Philip Toscano/PA)
(Philip Toscano/PA)

She got SO FAR in the X Factor. How is that possible?

12. All those Harambe memes

His silverback soul seems to live on in every situation possible. Even in emoji form.

13. First world technology problems

I mean, they really shouldn’t. Come on now.

14. Adult play activities

Ball pools. Bouncy castles. Just stop. Grow up.

15. Gary, the vegan cheese

When Sainsbury’s launched its line of vegan cheese, one outraged woman suggested the product be referred to as Gary, and not cheese. Because real cheese is not made from coconut.

16. 2016

If only.

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