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This boyfriend gave a masterclass on how to get out of the doghouse


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Anyone whose significant other has ever stayed out later than they promised will be able to empathise with why Jodie Duncan was pretty angry with her boyfriend.

Kieron Cameron, from Scotland, went out to celebrate a birthday, resulting in him missing a night in with her, and also – you can probably guess where this is going – ending up, well, a little worse for wear, shall we say.

But don’t despair, this isn’t a break-up story. Luckily, Kieron had a few tricks up his sleeve to try and sweeten Jodie up – either that, or he just thought he was being a right joker.

First off he contacted his girlfriend on what seems like pretty much every form of social media possible, with the same message every time – “R u angry at me”. Smooth.

Oh, and she also had a couple of missed calls too. Standard.

But his mission for forgiveness didn’t stop there. He then also sent her a voucher for MAC make up.


Or, actually, not really goals at all?

It’s true, Jodie probably wouldn’t be able to buy much from MAC with that voucher alone. But, romantics out there, we hear ya – it’s the thought that counts.

Anyway, the whole thing’s pretty funny, isn’t it?

And there was one more update from Jodie…

Oh dear. You know things are hitting a new low when you’re googling how to sober up.

Well, hopefully Kieron won’t be having to purchase MAC vouchers again anytime soon…

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