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Helping people lose their virginity and give birth: The surprising fandom of My Dad Wrote A Porno

28th November 2016

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The makers of My Dad Wrote A Porno have shared some of the odd ways the hit podcast has helped its fans, including helping someone overcome their fear of losing their virginity and another using it as their birthing soundtrack.

My Date Wrote A Porno is a podcast series in which Jamie Morton reads out chapters from the erotic books his 60-year-old father has written, with reactions and discussion from his friends James Cooper and BBC Radio 1′s Alice Levine.

The side-splitting podcast could have been something very different. “I just wanted it for myself,” says Alice, referring to the original plan to perform a one-woman show from Rocky Flintstone’s (pseudonym, obviously) Belinda Blinked series of erotic novels.

The creators
Left to right – James, Jamie and Alice (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

However, it soon became apparent that “it’s a bit weird if [Alice] is just reading somebody else’s dad’s pornography… so I thought maybe if I read it, it would make more sense,” says Jamie. Add James into the mix and you’ve got fantastic chemistry that listeners can’t get enough of.

Talking about the show’s legion of fans, Jamie tells us they have heard some unusual stories of how they are enjoying the podcast. One couple lost their virginities after listening to the show, and another used it as a birthing aid.

“They were really intimidated by sex and had kind of built it up in their heads and when they listened to the podcast they realised sex is meant to be fun and you can laugh at it and it’s not that scary, and so – they got down,” explains Jamie.

The podcast is known for an array of random characters who appear in one chapter and then disappear into the ether, leaving listeners wondering what happened to them. With that in mind, we asked who they’d like to see a spin-off novel about.

James wants to know more about the Duchess, an older lady who bids for protagonist Belinda at an auction, then proceeds to load her into a horse-box and have her wicked way with her.

“I’d love to see a back story to the Duchess, find out how she’s got to this point, why she wears the flamboyant outfits… why she’s got such a large collection of sex toys… I think there is a fascinating story to be told there.”

(Dominic Lipinksi/PA)
The My Dad Wrote A Porno trio (Dominic Lipinksi/PA)

Alice says she’d like to know more about the main woman herself, Belinda Blumenthal, a sales director at Steele’s Pots and Pans who is looking to impress in her new role. “Why did she leave her other job? She clearly left under a cloud of suspicion…”

Jamie chips in: “There are hints at her father working in wine and stuff, but also, I’d like to hear more about Bella.” Bella is the company receptionist who really comes to life in book two, enabling Jamie to use his stellar “Essex girl” accent.

“She was the most boring character ever committed to the page and now, we can’t get enough of her,” says Jamie.

The second season added more content for fans to laugh out loud to, with a host of celebrity fans making an appearance in special “footnotes” episodes. They are less formal than an interview, both in time spent and alcohol consumed. Apparently, Michael Sheen “stayed until half twelve at night because he had so many questions” and “Daisy [Ridley] turned up with a couple of bottles of prosecco”.

Fans have been promised a third season in 2017, as well as a special released on Christmas Day. Not only that, but the team has released a hard copy book of the first Belinda Blinked, complete with annotations, drinking game instructions and anatomical diagrams.

It’ll be a very merry Christmas for podcast fans.

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