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This woman live-tweeted the most cringe-worthy date ever


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Next time you are on a date with someone pretentious and you’re worried you won’t remember all the details to relay to your friends later, check Twitter. It may be that some hilarious angel has live-tweeted your car-crash date for all to see.

That’s what happened when Twitter user @KellyeFine visited a sushi restaurant recently and overheard what sounds like an insane first date.

When she heard the first snippet of conversation, she must have known this would be a good one!

Strong start. There are 45 tweets in total ranging from his “brother” being a murderer to his treatment of his Jewish friend, but we’ve summed up the most absurd below.

It’s pretty controlling behaviour. He won’t even tell his date what she’s eating AND he won’t let her eat with the utensils of her choice.

Our favourite moment was when she conducted a poll…

… but then obviously asked for a menu, like a normal person.

Gosh darn it, that was good. See the full thread here for lots of hidden gems!

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