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Victoria Beckham once played a roller-skating sperm (plus more celebs with first jobs they’d rather forget)

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Most people would give anything to trade lives with an A-lister.  After all the life of an A-list celebrity looks amazing - red carpet events, sprawling mansions, free designer clothes, a gazillion PAs to help you deal with your ‘busy’ schedule. Who wouldn't want a life like that?

It’s not all been so glitzy and glam for a lot of celebrities, though - believe it or not, before they reached the dizzy heights of super-fame, some actually held down quite mundane and somewhat bizarre jobs.

We've rounded up some of the weirdest jobs celebrities had before they were tabloid fodder and red carpet connoisseurs. If you've ever flipped a burger or worked in retail you've got a lot more in common with these celebrities than you could've imagined.

Jay Z – Drug Dealer

In the 1980s, before he became the mighty hip hop powerhouse he is today, Jay Z was a drug dealer selling crack cocaine on the streets of New York. Apparently dealing taught him about budgets and helped him develop his business prowess. Talking openly about his past dodgy dealings he told Vanity Fair: 'I know about budgets. I was a drug dealer. To be in a drug deal, you need to know what you can spend, what you need to re-up.' When asked what motivated him to deal drugs he claimed he 'was thinking about improving (his) situation...thinking about buying clothes.'

Kanye West – Sales Assistant at Gap

You probably can't imagine the man with the biggest ego on the planet working a lowly-paid retail job at Gap. However, Kanye West really was a sales assistant. It's something he even sings about in his song Spaceships:

 'Let's go back, back to the Gap

Look at my check, wasn't no scratch

So if I stole, wasn't my fault

Yeah I stole, never got caught'


Eva Mendes – Hot Dog Seller

Actress and model Eva Mendes has always been passionate about working. Talking about her first job, she said: ‘I was one of those kids who couldn’t wait to get my work permit. Because at 15 you get your work permit in California and I couldn’t wait to legally work.’

Unfortunately she was fired from her first job at a pizza shop, which she puts down to breaking too many plates and avoiding some of her duties. However, soon after this she joined Hot Dog on a Stick and began selling hot dogs in her local mall. At one point she even dressed in a hot dog costume to promote the business.

Patrick Dempsey – Juggler

If you thought Patrick Dempsey couldn't be any more perfect, you thought wrong.  He’s not only a talented actor but also a pro juggler. Take a look at him in action:


Whoopi Goldberg - Mortuary Beautician

Whoopi Goldberg was once a mortuary beautician, which means she put makeup on dead bodies. It doesn't sound like the nicest of jobs, but we suppose somebody has to do it.

Channing Tatum – Stripper

Art really does imitate life in the case of Channing Tatum, who played the role of a stripper in Magic Mike and was also a stripper in real life before he hit the big time. Speaking about his time as a stripper, Tatum told the Daily Telegraph: ‘It was one complete year of down-the-rabbit-hole crazy. I am glad I moved on ... it definitely has some seedy, darker sides.’

Rachel McAdams – McDonald’s worker

Pristine actress Rachel McAdam’s once flipped burgers at McDonald’s. She worked their during her university holidays, and she must have really liked the job because she did it for three years.

Hugh Jackman – PE Teacher

In 1987 Hugh Jackman was a PE teacher at Uppingham School in Rutland. He bumped into an old pupil at a red carpet event in 2013, where he reminisced about his time at the school. PE is one of those lessons that most people seem to hate, mainly for the way you're forced to do it come rain or shine. Having Hugh Jackman as your PE teacher, though, might have made lessons much more bearable and actually enjoyable...

Victoria Beckham – Dancing Sperm


Way back in 1986, and long before she become Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham featured in BBC sex-education show ‘Body Matters’ dressed as a giant sperm on roller skates. Steely faced Beckham is now a fashion entrepreneur who wouldn't be caught dead in anything that's not designer, so we can't see her reprising her role as a giant sperm anytime soon.

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