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Texas sorority students create the most cringe worthy recruitment video ever


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Moving to university for the first time is an exciting experience. However, waving goodbye to your parents and saying hello to your new flatmates can be pretty nerve wracking.

So spare a thought for the students who will soon be joining the University of Texas; the leaders of the Alpha Delta Pi soriety have created a recruitment video that will make make you so happy you didn't choose to study across the pond.

The video is a cringe-worthy scream fest full of chanting and excessive waving. As the girls sing a song that's supposedly aimed at recruiting the next generation of sorority sisters, the thought of having to live on a campus with these overly exciteable girls is just unbareable, so let's all be grateful that UK universities haven't embraced this American tradition.

If you didn't quite catch what they're singing, these are the lyrics:

Boom boom I wanna go A D Pi,
Boom boom, and baby that ain’t no lie,
Boom boom I wanna go A D Pi,
Don’t you?

Boom boom, I wanna wear white and blue,
Boom boom, and wear that diamond too,
Boom boom, I wanna go A D Pi,
Don’t you?

Boom boom, I wanna go A D Pi,
Boom boom - that’s Alpha Delta Pi,
Boom boom, I wanna go A D Pi,
Don’t you?

The video, which was posted on Twitter, has been ridiculed by basically everyone who's had the (dis)pleasure of watching it. This is just some of the things people had to say:

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