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Children are legitimately being named after Pokémon


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As if we needed any more evidence that Pokémon Go was taking over the world, now parents are choosing to name their children after these made-up, digital monsters.

BabyCenter, a blog that tracks baby names, has recently noticed an unusual spike regarding names that, while eccentric, sound suspiciously familiar.

There’s been a significant increase in girls being named Eevee, Onyx and Roselia; each of these jumping up thousands of spots on the popular name lists. For boys, Ash has risen over 200 places on the list.

We could make excuses for Roselia, Ash and maybe even Onyx (it was a big thing in the ‘90s), but let’s be honest; Eevee is pushing it.

BabyCenter reports that 50% of the mums visiting their site are indeed playing Pokémon Go.

The editor in-chief of the blog, Linda Murray, said, “Millennials are particularly attracted to technology and ‘90s nostalgia, which is one of the reasons we think Pokémon Go is already having an impact on baby naming trends among pregnant women.”

So along with being responsible for an increase in car accidents, armed robberies, and corpse discoveries, the game can now also be held accountable for the next generation’s bizarre birth certificates.

Hopefully, there are no Charizards or Squirtles in the near future.

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