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There's been an increase in pensioners dogging in Croydon


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Frisky pensioners in Croydon, south London, have been meeting for steamy sex sessions in local car parks and woods. In fact, it's become so bad that police have revealed they are set to meet with Croydon council to discuss the problem.

The recent increase in warm weather is believed to be one of the reasons for the spike in people meeting in public places for sex. However outdoor sexual activity in Croydon is not unusual, as it is a popular and very well known dogging hotspot and is even listed on several UK dogging websites. Happy Valley car park in Coulsdon, Croydon, is just one of many Surrey locations listed on

Speaking to the Croydon Guardian, Constable Barry Swift said:

“If you Google it Croydon comes up as the third best place in the country for dogging. The people who are coming to take part in sexual activities are not just youngsters - we are looking at pensioners, which is quite surprising. They are committing offences, the place is littered with dirty condoms and tissues... If you’re going through the park with your kids and one of your children falls over in those tissues it is not very nice.”

The fact Croydon is one of the UK's top dogging hotspots doesn't appear to surpise some people. Writing on Reddit, one commentator had this to say about Croydon dogging:

"I'm not surprised, if I lived in Croydon I'd be looking for an excuse to get out into the country. I guess knocking one out while I watch some fella in an animal mask boff a dinner lady in the back of a Ford Focus is just a bonus."

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