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Woman returns home to find a koala pole-dancing in her house


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The last thing you expect to find when you return home is a koala pole-dancing in your living room. Yet this bizarre scene is exactly what Australian Nikki Erickson found when she came home from work last August.

She recently shared the throwback video on Facebook and it's since gone viral. 

It's not hard to see why: 

Credit: Nikki Erickson/Facebook

The cute animal, nicknamed "Larissa", was collected by Queensland's Daisy Hill Conservation Park and released back into the wild. 

However, as heartwarming as this cheeky koala's antics are, Larissa highlights a very serious conservation issue in Australia. Man-made developments have led to a lack of koala habitat as land is cleared to build things such as houses and roads, as well as for growing agriculture. 

Speaking to Armidale Express after a couple discovered a Koala relaxing on their sofa, Simone Aurino of the Hunter Koala Preservation Society said: “Finding them in homes is becoming more and more common because there isn’t the connectivity of habitat there once was". 

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