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Bed Warmer to Bone Counter: 10 real jobs we can’t quite believe people have had

21st July 2016
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Forget working in our local WH Smiths to fund our booze money over the summer – if we get our way, we’ll be polishing up our CVs and priming for jobs as waterslide testers and luxury hotel “bed warmers.”

On the less enticing end of the scale, the weird world of employment has led some bemused souls into jobs including professional mourning, counting bones and acting as, um, a human scarecrow.

On second thoughts, maybe flogging newspapers and chewing gum doesn’t sound so bad…

1. Bed Warmer

Yes, this is real: people actually get paid to pre-heat beds. Some hotels have employees who wear hygienic and thermal suits act as a human water bottle for guests before they arrive.  We find this creepy, in all honesty.

2. Bone counter

Definitely not a task for the squeamish, but someone has to do it. In fact, someone has done it; getting paid to take semi-butchered and frozen cadaver bones and chopping them up into useable pieces for transplants. Sounds like a lovely time. 

3. Art model

As long as you can get past the whole ‘people will be staring at your naked body all day’ aspect, this job is almost too good to be true. Getting paid to pose nude is not a hard life.

4. Queuer

No one really “likes” lines, but some people have more patience than others. If potentially mind-numbing boredom and aching feet doesn’t faze you, have a crack at being a professional queuer for the holidays.

5. Mourner

Places like Rent-a-Mourner have members of staff who are hired to go to a funeral and pretend to be sincerely sad about the deceased. Overall it’s morally slightly questionable, but it’s good acting experience, if that’s what you’re into.

6. Golf Ball Diver

All those long lost balls at the bottom of golf courses’ water traps are retrieved periodically by a decent swimmer with scuba gear. The balls are resold and reused, only to get to the bottom of a pond once again; it’s a vicious cycle.

7. Human Scarecrow

It’s like being a popular club’s bouncer, but for birds in a field. Your friendly, neighborhood farmer will thank you.

8. Waterslide Tester

Getting to wear a bathing suit and enjoy the pool all day? This is what dreams are made of.

9. Kissogram Worker

What better way to spread peace, love and happiness than to deliver a message with a little lip action (hold the tongue)? The power of breath mints will never be unappreciated again.

10. Luxury House Sitter

You’re required to be responsible for taking care of mansions worth more than you can dream of earning whilst the owners are away… Piece of cake.

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