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High-level Pokémon Go accounts are being sold on eBay


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If you've ignored the Pokémon Go crazy so far, unfortunately you may have missed out on a lucrative opportunity. Turns out high-level fans of the game are putting their accounts up on eBay – and there’s some serious money to be made if anyone takes the bait.

Users with a level 10 or higher account are asking for anywhere from £10 to £4,000. Some are offering to create an account with a username and password set by the buyer, while the expert gamer promises to boost it to level 10 or more within a set time period.


Others are selling accounts equipped with rare Pokémon like Hypno, Vaporeon and Jynx. Other more common characters, like Zubat and Drowzee, are also included but with incredibly high CPs.


One seller has set a Buy it Now price to £4,000 for an account with several rare Pokémon and 5km of eggs.

While it’s not clear whether the top-tier prices will actually sell, people are already bidding up to £33 on Level 21 accounts, while a Level 19 account with Pikachu has a bid for £60.

Time to get out there and (attempt) to catch 'em all...

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