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Margot Robbie loves Infernos

28th June 2016

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Yes, you read that title correctly – Hollywood mega-currency, co-star of Leonardo Di Caprio and sometime-Clapham resident Margot Robbie really does love Infernos.

Now, any student – or graduate – south of the river will know very well that Infernos isn’t hard to fall for. Sticky carpets? Red velvet decor? Wine that tastes like urine? What’s NOT to love?

But... well. We're still a bit surprised, in all honesty.

Robbie admitted her love for Clapham’s most questionable club-cum-meat market whilst promoting the soon to be released Legend of Tarzan.

She told the Sunday Times that she loves that “everyone is so wasted and sweaty” and that by the time she arrives at Infernos she looks “so revolting that nobody’s going to look twice.”

Fair play.

She also said that she loves the “student life” of London and that she’s up for dragging Leo along for a night of acidic Pinot and human sweat because he’d “actually love it there.”

Robbie lives in a flat in Clapham when she’s not filming across the pond. Next time we’re at Infernos we’ll keep make sure we keep a lookout...

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