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Here's what Tom Watson Snapchatted from Glastonbury as the Labour Party started to disintegrate

27th June 2016

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Whilst the world watches every member of the Labour Party's shadow cabinet hand in their notice, let's spare a thought for deputy leader Tom Watson - who is currently nursing potentially the world's biggest hangover.

As the Labour Party faced a leadership coup on Sunday morning, Watson was waking up in a field at Glastonbury - where  he'd spent the previous night drinking Thatcher's Gold and obliviously Snapchatting from the silent disco. 

Watson's Glasto Sunday was documented from the moment he cracked open a bottle of Queen of Diamonds craft ale at 4pm, until he wrapped the night up at the silent disco just before dawn.

Here's what he Snapped... 

Tom Watson's Snapchat

Bravely donning a pair of white trousers and muddy wellies, the West Bromwich East MP then snapped his way through a Tom Robinson gig in the Left Field tent, as well as Adele’s headline act.

As the hours ticked by, Watson shared a clip of him singing along to perfomances and ended the night on a high at a silent disco, apparently unaware of the drama unfolding in the Labour party.

Tom Watson's Snapchat

While the deputy leader was living it up on Worthy farm, shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn was sacked by Jeremy Corbyn, shadow health secretary Heidi Alexander resigned and several more members of the shadow cabinet began to plan their exodus.

Tom Watson's Snapchat

Watson was pictured looking worried at a station on Sunday morning, checking his phone as he waited for a train back to London.

Presumably he'll now be off Snapchat for a few days whilst he tries to help Jeremy Corbyn pull together what remains of the Labour Party - although we'd quite enjoy it if he documented that on Snapchat too. 

Hope you'tre listening, Tom. 

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