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7 of the most mind-bending Brexit conspiracy theories out there

18th June 2016

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There have been some truly odd moments in the lead up to the EU Referendum (Bob Geldof and Nigel Farage facing-off on a Thames flotilla, anyone?), when we’ve all had to take a step back and go “wait, did that actually just happen...?”

Of course, where a potential Brexit is concerned, the conspiracy theorists have come out in force. 

Here, we take a look at some of the conspiracy theories that are circling the debate - from Remain moles to a plan to stop young people voting by packing them all off to Glastonbury.

(Or, maybe they’re not conspiracy theories at all, but in fact are the real, God-honest truth… nah, we don't believe that either.)


1. MPs suddenly changing camps.

Sarah Wollaston
(Peter Byrne/PA)

When former Leave campaigner and Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston announced she was going to back Remain, some people on Twitter were dubious that she just changed her mind

2. Glastonbury clashing with the EU referendum.

(Ben Birchall/PA)

Conservative MPs have of course rejected any idea that it’s a conspiracy the European referendum clashes with Glastonbury festival.

But there are 135,000 revellers at the festival, many of those young people who the polls say are more likely to vote remain. And people didn’t respond well to the Electoral Commission saying it wouldn’t be possible for people to vote in person at the event, due to legal framework.

3. THAT government voter registration website crash.

website crash

The Government’s voter registration site crashed in the final hours before the deadline, due to a massive spike in demand.

Well, they said that was the reason…

MPs then demanded extra time for people to register to vote in the EU referendum which only probably added fuel to the conspiracy theory fire.

4. British expats lost their battle in the Supreme Court for the right to vote.

Jacquelyn MacLennan who along with fellow expat Harry Shindler, is battling the legality of the rule
(Nick Ansell/PA)

Britons living abroad must have been registered to vote in the UK in the last 15 years and be eligible to vote in the general election to be able to vote in the referendum – which means 700,000 expats won’t be able to vote in EU referendum.

That’s a lot of people, especially considering 72% of expats on the Continent who are eligible and plan to vote intend to back In, according to a survey for expats’ network InterNations.

People ain’t happy.

5. Polling cards have been sent to non-EU residents.

polling cards eu referendum
(Yui Mok/PA)

Unlike some other elections, only British citizens are able to vote in the upcoming referendum.

Yet the Government confirmed that thousands of people ineligible to vote in the EU referendum have received ballot papers.

MPs have heard how EU nationals and a 17-year-old girl were among those sent postal voting papers despite not being allowed to take part in the poll.

Which has obviously left people puzzled.

6. Then there’s this.

Hmmmm, it is a film about aliens taking over Earth after all…

7. And THIS.

Yeah, it’s fair to say we’re not entirely convinced.

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