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There's a new vodka made with actual fog

29th May 2016

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What on earth do you do when there’s a drought but you're still desperate for a tipple?

Turn to the natural wonder that is fog, obviously.

Turns out fresh water is the the most precious ingredient in vodka (it makes up 60% of it – who knew?!) which leaves us with one big question - if we drink eight glasses of vodka, is that enough H2O to take us through the day? 

No? Oh. OK.

Anyway, back to the facts. The fog/vodka experiment came about because San Francisco distillery Hangar 1 wanted to investigate more sustainable ways to make their vodka.

Luckily Karl the fog - yes, in case you’re not already aware, the fog phenomenon in San Francisco has its own name and Twitter account - chose that moment to reveal itself. And as it turns out, Karl was the perfect solution.

Hangar created Fog Point Vodka from a mix of water harvested from San Francisco fog and vodka distilled from local California wine. Yum. 

The process involves taking the liquid from the fog, vapourising it and then collecting the vapour back to a liquid.

Hangar 1′s fog catchers are located throughout the Bay Area of San Francisco and they collect millions of beads of moisture from the fog with giant mesh.

Eliminating the use of traditional water sources means they’re helping with efforts to conserve water.

So honestly, drinking this vodka means you're helping the environment too. Wins all round.

And the outcome – the limited edition vodka – has an exciting flavour too (apparently). Although we’re a bit sceptical - we're not entirely sure how good fog can taste…

While it’s pretty awesome that a portion of the sales from the drink will go to FogQuest – an organisation that helps communities in need harvest their own water from fog and rain – a bottle of Fog Point ain’t cheap.

You can pre-order a bottle now for $125. If you happen to be taking a trip across the pond anytime soon, it can also be found in bars and restaurants across the US.

Now we know fog is an innovative water (and cocktails) source, who knows what else it could be used for?

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