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Welsh sheep eat cannabis plants, go on 'psychotic rampage'


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Residents in the Welsh village of Rhydypandy are in the midst of dealing with an unexpected drug problem - one that involves sheep, not humans. 

City councillor Ioan Richard says the sheep found and began to eat their way through a mound of dumped cannabis plants. The fly-tip that has now been cleared away, albeit a bit late.

The plants, which had been left by the side of a road, were likely from a nearby illegal cannabis factory.

By getting rid of the plants the grower did a good job of keeping them out of the way of Welsh users - but whoever dumped the plants clearly didn't anticipate the nearby flock finding the stash.

Residents worry the sheep consumed the plants then took off in a confused, drug-fueled daze.

The sheep broke into people's homes and gardens, one going so far as to enter and make a mess in a resident's bedroom. 

The sheep are not only causing mischief; they can create significant dangers for drivers in the area by standing in the roads. In a neighbouring town, some sheep were killed when they wandered into drivers' way.

The South Wales police have urged anyone who has information about the source of the fly-tipped cannabis to come forward. In the meantime, we hope the sheep are coming down from their high safely.

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