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Pornhub has released a Christmas advert (SFW)

4th December 2015

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Pornhub has released a Christmas advert and it’s a moving depiction of everything you could possibly wish for in a festive family gathering.  

Ok, it’s not.

In fact, it’s quite odd.

In the land of festive Pornhub, we’re brought into a world where daughters in flamingo jumpers buy their easily pleased mothers ugly green coats, and grandsons with equally bizarre tastes in knitwear really make the day special by not ignoring the libidinous needs of their horny old granddads.

It’s all overlaid with a lovely bit of festive jingle, which is nice, and reminds us that it’s Christmas.

The grandson, though, is creepy AF.

Try not to cringe at the leering satisfaction he has when he’s handed his granddad the all important envelope. I’m not an expert, but I’d wager that this boy has some problems of his own.

Also, based on the overall conclusion, we have our suspicions about what him and his dad are watching on their iPad. We'd wager it's neither safe for work nor safe for family gatherings. 

Still, we applaud the sentiment – that old people still need to get some (virtual) touch too. It’s a strong message.

Well done, Pornhub.

(Seriously though, the grandson’s jumper.)

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