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Oops! Woman accidentally dyes Asda logo onto hair


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Hair dye disasters are common. One hapless Asda shopper recently had a shock, however, when her dye job left her with the supermarket's logo emblazoned on her hair.

How did she do it?

Rebecca Richardson decided to apply her hair dye and then wrap a plastic bag from Asda around her head while the dye activated.

When she removed the bag she expected to see her new white hair - but what she instead saw was the bright green Asda logo on the top of her head.

Rebecca’s brother Craig decided to post a photo of her hair dye disaster on Facebook, and it was soon shared all over the Internet.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Rebecca said:

"I just dyed my hair and I didn't want the hair dye going everywhere so thought I'll put a bag around my hair. Then that happened!"

Explaining how she resolved the messy mistake, she said:

"I just laughed it off. It washed out straight away.

"I bet it's happened to a few girls."

Better luck next time, Rebecca.

So, just in case you weren't already aware, here's a top tip: when dying your hair, never put a plastic bag on your head.

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