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8 viral news stories from this summer and how we reported them

1st October 2015

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We like to keep abreast of weird happenings here at The National Student... and luckily the caring, sharing people of the internet make it very easy for us to pick up on the stories that matter.

And by matter, we mean provide us with enough inner-office hilarity to breeze the afternoon away happily.

Summer 2015 was no different. In September alone we were treated to a female student in the US travelling everywhere via Barbie jeep in a protest over her driving ban, another errant female (again in the US) being pulled over and offering the police a little bit of an unexpected surprise during her pat-down, and, on our own (slightly tamer) shores, a significant number of people misunderstanding the purpose of a Crimewatch reconstruction.

If that wasn’t enough, we ended the month with the revelation that our very own Prime Minister (allegedly) once put his unmentionables inside a deceased pig, proving conclusively that everything in British politics is corrupt and that Charlie Brooker is indeed a modern day soothsayer. Allegedly.

We love you, internet. Here’s a round-up of the gifts you gave us over the past three months.

Weird new #SunburnArt fad is the stupidest thing we've seen this week

This man’s very bemused face in this article says it all, really. We don’t have much sympathy though. Fool.

Actor who played murder suspect in Crimewatch reconstruction questioned as suspect in same murder

Basic misunderstanding of the purpose of Crimewatch reconstructions leads to actor who played murderer 20+ years ago being accused of actually being the murderer. We cannot fathom this.

Student gets banned from driving, replaces car with Barbie Jeep

She’s the coolest. Cough.

These are the most used #Tubestrike swear words

Londoners might hate going to work, but they hate not being able to get to work even more. Some might call it a contradiction that sums up our funny little country perfectly.

Woman arrested with loaded gun in vagina

The first of many, many questions: HOW on Earth did it fit?

Woman gets a toy dinosaur stuck in her vagina

*Facepalm over the future of humanity*

Student changes name by deed poll to avoid huge Ryanair charges

Ibiza is important, guys.

#BaeOfPigs - the best Twitter reactions to David Cameron's #piggate scandal

Applause all round here. Well done to everyone concerned, but especially to the very beautiful humans of twitter, who made this story what it was. #neverchange

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