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#BaeOfPigs - the best Twitter reactions to David Cameron's #piggate scandal


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Twitter loves a scandal. And you don't get more scandalous than allegations that David Cameron did some unsavoury things involving his unmentionables and a dead pig!

David CameronThe Twittersphere went into overdrive with of the funniest tweets in a long time - this stuff basically writes itself.

As rightwing press and Tory politicians did everything to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, the may never have suspected this #snoutrage as the Daily Mail began its serialisation of Lord Ashcroft's (friend turned enemy of our dear PM) new biography - Call Me Dave.

In the book, Lord Ashcroft lays forth a series of allegations that apparently took place in the notorious Bullingdon drinking society at Oxford University, such as sex and drug taking.

But, understandably, the one that has caught the attention of the media and internet is that David Cameron allegedly put a private part of his anatomy' into a dead pig's mouth.

Of course there is no proof that these rumours are true, but as we have seen in the anti-Corbyn discourse of late, we shouldn't let little things like truth, facts and evidence get in the way of a good bit of political berating.

Here is our pick of the #piggate #baeofpigs furore:


There were reactions from other politicans and government bodies:

People were looking forward to the next Prime Minister's Questions:




There were references to classic literature:


People started wondering if Charlie Brooker was a sorcerer:


There were puns:


All in all, the internet rose to the occasion magnificently:


Well done everyone!

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