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Actor who played murder suspect in Crimewatch reconstruction questioned as suspect in same murder


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A Crimewatch actor has got himself into a bit of a sticky pickle. 

Back in 1994 Steve Watson was an actor who played the suspected murderer of Julie Pacey in a Crimewatch reconstruction.

Julie Pacey was strangled and sexually assaulted in her own home, 15 miles from where Steve lived in Lincolnshire, but her killer was never found.

21 years later the original appeal along with the reconstruction was aired again, as a result of developments in the case relating to an advance in DNA technology.

However, despite the fact he was only the actor, two independent members of the public contacted police after watching the appeal and named Steve Watson as the killer.

Poor Steve then ended up receiving a visit from the police and being questioned - he then even had to give a DNA sample to them.

Steve says: "As soon as I saw it back on TV I was filled with dread that I might be mistaken for him again.

"I got a call from my daughter saying 'Dad there's a police officer at the door for you' and my heart just sank.

"I asked the officer if I was a suspect and he said everybody was until they were ruled out."

Steve now says that he feels in "limbo" and is concerned because "We're living in a different world to 21 years ago. There's social media now and everything is so quick." 

There is no evidence that suggests he was involved in the murder, and the police have not named him as a suspect.

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