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Student gets banned from driving, replaces car with Barbie Jeep


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Losing access to your car normally means detours via bus or exhausting journeys on a bike. Ideas of anything else seem utterly ludicrous or impossible – but Tara Monroe proved that there are other options out there.

After scouring the internet, she eventually found a $60 (around £40) Barbie Jeep from Craigslist - seemingly the ideal match to begin life as a real world Barbie girl. 

The 20-year-old industrial engineering student now travels around her campus in Austin, Texas atop the child's toy, which boasts a 12-volt battery and a top speed of five miles per hour, giving her the nickname 'Barbie Jeep Girl'.

Tara herself was suspended from driving by authorities after refusing a breathalyser test after a Waka Flocka concert – reportedly resulting in an arrest for Driving Whilst Intoxicated.

As a reaction to this, her father confiscated her access to her car, causing Tara to think outside of the box instead of settle for the mediocrity of the bike she was given as an alternative.

In a heartwarming twist, Monroe named her new whip ‘Charlene’, an honourable ode to the former owner. Talking to, she confessed that “Charlene asked where the little one was to test drive it, to which I replied ‘I am the little one.’”

Since her purchase her adventures have gone viral, with friends sharing fun-filled Snapchats across social media. Responding to her newly-gained internet stardom, the student said “this is the best way I could have gotten my 15 minutes of fame,” adding that “it was the best decision I’ve made in college.”

Inspiring both jealousy and comedy whenever she rides, Tara proves that even without a license, a little abstract thinking can still mean that you can get about on four wheels. 

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