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Student designs spray-on condom because existing ones "look too much like ramen packets"

31st July 2015

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Now, everyone knows that condoms can be a bit of a pain (we’re still advocating using them, obviously) – but if a new invention is anything to go by that mood-killing moment when you whip the latex out might be about to become a thing of the past.

Design student Michele Chu, from Pratt College of Art and Design in Brooklyn, New York, has designed a condom that you can spray on. Yes, from a can. Yes, like you would a deodorant.

Apparently, Chu’s creation came about because she felt “the condom market needed some refreshing” and that they looked like they came in “little ramen seasoning packets” a bit too much.

We can’t say condoms have ever reminded us of ramen, but now she’s mentioned it – well.

According to Yahoo News, Chu is flogging her spray-on condom creation alongside a bra that can be opened via remote control.

We’re not sure why you’d need this, but hey – everyone has their quirks.

The condom is the focal point of Michele’s Girlplay condom range.

No word on how the condoms – which are designed to be used by both sexes – work, how effective they are, or whether there’s an awkward (naked) wait in store whilst the condom, erm, sets.

Whilst we applaud Michele’s efforts and would quite like to see the faces of her lecturers when they mark this particular piece of coursework, we’re not quite ready to predict the liquidation of Durex yet, in all honesty.

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