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Weird new #SunburnArt fad is the stupidest thing we've seen this week

3rd July 2015

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The past ten years have taken the shape of almost any other decade in terms of fads. We’ve become addicted to ridiculous games like Angry Birds and Words with Friends. We’ve given in to questionable fashion trends like Crocs, popped collars and cargo pants. We’ve obsessed over crazes that refuse to die, like Selfies and Twerking. But let me tell you, the most recent upcoming fad takes the cake.

In neglect of personal health and safety, “sunburn art” has taken off as the next big fashion revelation. In an effort to possibly draw attention to their barely-noticed twitter feeds, people have begun to paint elaborate designs on their bodies in sun cream or apply temporary tattoos before frying their skin for a drastic change in hue.

Despite protest from dermatologists who have caught on, people are still showing off designs that have been burnt into their skin - including the batman symbol, flowers, household objects, and patterns that quite honestly don’t look like much of anything at all.

Clearly, people are dismissing the damage to their sun-scorched skin in the name of their, erm, art. The mavericks behind the craze are attempting to keep the trend spreading, though - it's even been called the “hottest new thing of the summer” in a twitter account recently created to publicise the unique “artwork.”

But more outbursts of anger have been filling the #SunburnArt hashtag than messages from admirers. People have expressed the absurdity of the whole thing, whilst some have protested by posting pictures of scars received from surgery to eliminate skin cancer, hoping to shock fad followers into reality. Dermatologist and sunscreen companies along with individuals are firing back on Twitter taking to sarcasm, quotes, and a simple “all we can say is don’t do it” from Specialist Skin Clinic to get people to snap out of it.

But despite the reassuring amount of backlash, more people are still latching on. What a time to be alive... 

Check out our gallery below for some of the worst offenders. 

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