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#WhyImVotingUKIP: 15 genius tweets

21st May 2014

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UKIP is trying to make people on twitter think it’s not a lunatic fascist party, and as you might expect it’s not working very well.  

In an attempt to bolster support in the hours leading up to the European Elections, the social media marketing gurus at UKIP HQ, or maybe just some people who didn’t realise quite how much of a snarky bitch twitter could be (or hey, maybe they’re the same people), have come up with the hashtag #WhyImVotingUKIP. So that everyone can, you know, read about why some choice individuals are lending Farage and his very relatable pint their vote, and then realise that UKIP are actually GREAT and vote for them too. Yay! Genius marketing at work.

Unfortunately for UKIPpers, the people who think their party is genuinely legit aren’t the ones who've jumped on this particular hashtag bandwagon.

Oh no.

The result? Mockery. Mockery everywhere.  

Just see for yourself:

































































Oh yes, and then THIS HAPPENED:





Thank you, UKIP. We rest our case. 

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