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Our top 5 most read articles of April

1st May 2014

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Nazis on campus, how to get through your dissertation, Karl Pilkington – these are the things that you wanted to read about in April.

We collected the top five articles of last month. Here’s a recap...

5. 10 tips for getting through your dissertation

We think you might have handed your dissertation in by now, and for that we are giving you an ENORMOUS (virtual) pat on the back. Well done! It’s likely that April was a dark time, though, dissertation-wise. You spent more hours than is healthy in the dark realms of the library, you proof read until your eyes bled (almost), you turned to Google in the lost hope that you might, somehow, find the words to help you through. We’re glad we could be of assistance.









4. "This year will be a reign of terror": Meet the white British Nationalists coming to your campus

They’re young, white, British, Nationalist... and they’re threatening to start a “reign of terror” across university campuses all over the country. We haven’t seen much evidence of this terror so far – after we interviewed an “anonymous organiser” last week, the general reaction seemed to be that they were “silly kids” (direct quote, from the article’s comments.) Maybe it’s because they assert within their answers that “National Action needs intelligence, but only in moderation.” Oh dear...







3. How many people is it ‘normal’ to have had sex with?

You all seemed to want to know the answer to this question last month. And in March. And February... and, well, every month before then. This is one that’s just run and run. And whilst we don’t think it’s a good idea to compare yourself to other people when it comes to good old sexy time, we did feel that it was our duty to inform you of the average number, as revealed by medical journal Lancet. If you’re still curious, the answer is within.









2. Hear This: George Ezra – Cassy O

Thanks to the wonders of Google, our second most read article of the month was one that was actually published back in February. In light of Bristol-born George Ezra being named as a “one to watch” by Radio 1, the world decided it was high time to start hitting the search engines with his name – and consequently landed on our article, praising his “up-tempo escapist summer tune.” So if you don’t know who George Ezra is - go on, give it a listen yourself...







1. Interview: Karl Pilkington

After being retweeted by Ricky Gervais after we hit publish yesterday, this very quick interview with everyone’s favourite Idiot Abroad became our most read article of the month within a matter of hours. In it, Karl Pilkington discusses his role in Derek, and why he hopes no one thinks of him as a “proper actor.” Pretty good way to top off the month, we think.








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