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10 cats in unexpectedly awkward situations

30th April 2014

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Cats: they’ve got a secret life. Sometimes they like to shop. Sometimes they like to dress up as cows. Sometimes they like to just stick their face through a piece of bread and get on with their day.

But now, we know. The, erm, cat is out of the bag. Sorry, cats. Your secret is out.

This cat, who has got a piece of bread stuck on its face.














This sad looking cat, whose future we are fearful for.















This cat, who is dressed as a cow.














This cat, who is driving (but how will it reach the brakes?)


























This cat, who is just stuck.















I’m high, and I’m off food shopping with my tiny trolley. Wahoo!





















Oh, shit. How did this happen?


















This cat, who is (unhappily) dressed as a rabbit.





















This cat is not the devil, ok? It’s cat. Stop trying to rebrand it with sequined horns, owner.

























Grumpy Cat #2 – slightly displeased to be forced into a Santa costume (with massive human hands.)















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