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"Santa just is white!" Time Magazine names Fox anchor Megyn Kelly amongst its 100 Most Influential People

25th April 2014

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Remember the Fox News anchor who told us all that Jesus and Santa Claus “just are” white? Well, Time Magazine have only gone and listed her amongst their top 100 most influential people in the whole world.

Megyn Kelly, according to Fox political analyst and former Chief Whitehouse Correspondent for ABC News Brit Hume, is an “authoritative force in cable news” who from the outset of her career “displayed as full a set of the qualities of a network correspondent as I had ever seen: great looks, strong voice, authoritative yet cheerful presence and obvious intelligence.”

Yes, he did start that list with “great looks.”

Now, we don’t want to question Megyn Kelly’s “obvious intelligence.” We really don’t. She’s worked as a lawyer and made it to anchor level on Fox, which whether you have strong opinions on their ethics or not is the makings of a fairly successful career.

Of course, there have to be actual reasons why she has made the Most Influential list. Probably, she’s usually quite savvy. Probably, most of the time, she is exceptionally good at her job.

But we’re finding it difficult not to question her inclusion in the ‘Pioneers’ section of its list, alongside figures such as Edward Snowden and John Kovac (“the big brain explaining the growing universe”), when comments like this are all over the internet:

“Just because something makes you uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change. You know, I mean... Jesus was a white man too.”

Erm – that same Jesus who lived in the Middle East? Him? He was a white man? Are you sure?

Just in case you need a further reminder of December’s bizarre events, here’s that very video:

Now, we're a little bit confused? Are you confused?

It doesn't say much further in Time about why Megyn Kelly deserves the fairly high honour of being named one of the 100 Most Influential on the planet, but if you want to see the full justification you can do so here.

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