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Men get waxed 'Bro-zilian'-style after 1/3 say it doesn't really hurt

16th April 2014

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A third of British men don’t believe that the horrific pain that comes as part of waxing is a real thing – so Pot Noodle gave them a chance to experience it for themselves.

The UK’s first male-only pop-up waxing salon was set up at Wembley Park last week, and offered men a ‘Bro-zilian’ – the male equivalent of the Brazilian wax.

The Bro-zilian comes after the revelation that half of men wish their partner was better groomed, but 41% refuse to get waxed themselves... which seems like a fairly weak effort to us.

Also, a pitifully naive one in ten thought waxing “would feel the same as a pinch.”

Others compared it to a Chinese burn or a slap in the face.

Um, no. Off to Wembley you go, boys...

We don’t think they’ll be quite so quick to dismiss the pain involved now.

The lads who took part (and the women in their lives who successfully persuaded them to go in for the Bro-zilian) are in with a chance of winning a trip to Brazil in time for this summer’s World Cup.
















Monique Rossi, Marketing Manager for Pot Noodle, said: “Despite our research showing that 41% of men would never get a wax, we saw lads line up outside the ‘Bro-zillian’ salon today and do away with their nether-hair for a chance to win that all-important trip to Brazil. Now that they have experienced a waxing treatment for themselves, we hope our lads will think twice before saying women make a fuss about the pain involved!”

We agree. Now quit your moaning, men.

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