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10 Easter Bunnies that will make you glad you don't have to believe in anything anymore

16th April 2014

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Weird shit happens when you type the words “Easter bunny” into a stock image account.

Like, the bunny holding a bomb. Or, the large pink lady wearing questionable bunny ears.

These examples of straight-up chocolate-based lupine weirdness have nothing on that prophetic Donnie Darko monster.

Is this where childhood nightmares come from?


Happy Easter.

This Easter Bunny, who is force-feeding a child chocolate.













This Easter Bunny, who is just dark in every way possible.

(If you look closely, there's a baby buried in this picture. Oh, and they're both about to be eaten by a snake.)



















Scared yet?


















































Stop trying to give me chocolate, you pervert.




















Why is this Easter Bunny so high?

















This Easter Bunny is in fact a Peeping Tom.













Oh wait, it gets better – he’s replaced his binoculars with a BOMB.












The Easter Bunny Human (again), who for some reason now has “sample text.”









Why so sinister?

Because we don’t have faces anymore.











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