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Man Dog Farringdon: Mystery woman who walked man on leash through Central London reveals her identity

15th April 2014

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Last Friday commuters in Central London were left more than a little bit perplexed when they witnessed a woman walking a man on a leash through busy Farringdon at rush hour.

The internet briefly went into meltdown trying to work out who the man dog, and who its “owner”, was – was it a publicity stunt, a marital punishment, Fifty Shades of Grey taken to the street, or even something organised by Agent Provocateur?

Despite the questioning, no answers were forthcoming. Until now.

The woman in question, a brunette who was dressed smartly and carried a purple bag and what appeared to be a cup of coffee, has come forward and revealed herself as Eden Avital Alexander, an actress, according to the Independent.

The leash stunt was, she told the paper, a project that was designed to focus on audience reaction.

So if you were in Farringdon last Friday morning and you happened to witness the man dog incident, your reaction (depending on how amused/shocked/confused your face looked) might now be included in the three minute film that was made as a result.

Eden is an actress with 20 years stage experience, says the Independent. Whilst she was leading the man dog through Farringdon she had a fairly odd reaction, including a woman following her for five minutes and asking her to make the ‘dog’ smile for her camera... which seems a little bit sadistic to us.

Other people questioned her over whether this really was ok, human rights-wise. Her answer hasn't been revealed.

Eden says: "I do believe that a lot of people raised important issues in their response; such as equality of gender, human rights, animal rights, where PR stops and personal life begins."

No word on the resulting film, yet – but hopefully it’ll be released soon.

We’re glad this mystery has finally been solved, but of course there’s one huge question that still requires an answer – who was the man dog? What were his feelings as he was led on a leash through a crowded London street? And how is he feeling about the whole thing now?

These are things we definitely need to know. So come on, man dog – reveal yourself too! 

See our original article, including a video of #mandogfarringdon being led through the street, here.

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